#BeGoodToBeBad – Ministry does Fitness!

Dry January is over people, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw the towel in on all your good efforts last month. We’re giving January’s Saturday soiree on the sofa a mind blowing shake up, it’s time to #begoodtobebad!

The concept of ‘clubber-cise’ is nothing new. It’s origins are still debated yet I’d put my money on the notorious Barry’s bootcamp, or famous candle lit soul cycle. Either way, London is now home to Kobox, Psycle and one rebel to name but a few, all enhancing one’s endurance and drive through the fusion of night club and exercise.

With clubber-cise being just one piece of the puzzle, we’re beginning to hear more about a new exercise related trend – social fitness. Squeezing in that sweat sesh is so much easier when your mates are involved, and it’s a great way to catch up whilst surging the heart rate and getting those endorphins racing. We’ve got everything from social fitness apps like fitssi to full blown festivals such as Be Fit London, all looking to bring hanging out and working out together in perfect harmony. But is there room for a more permanent space dedicated to the perfect mix of work and play?

Last Friday I found out there definitely is when I attended the launch of Ministry does Fitness, Ministry of Sounds spanking new fitness concept. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a ministry regular, although I have had my days. Highlights of school holidays as a teenager involved dressing up in a tutu, covering myself in neon paint and heading to Ministry for what can only be described as the most tragic of teenage parties – Capital VIP. It’s a time I’d probably rather forget, yet being back in the club, still wearing neon paint but for an entirely different reason couldn’t help but make me chuckle.

So what is Ministry does fitness?

The core ethos is based on working hard but playing harder! Its tag line #BeGoodToBeBad seeks to add a little tongue and cheek, giving the middle finger to the often pretentious implications of the health and wellness industry and all its virtuous and devout supporters.

Ministry does Fitness have converted the club’s hidden booze vaults, The Arches into a purpose built studio. The workout is fiery and fierce. Prepare yourself for short sharp burst on rotating stations compromising everything from body weight exercises, TRX, kettle bells, treads and many more. Classes include themes from strength and endurance to cardio and core, not forgetting the signature showcase class specially designed to kick off your weekend.

But the workout is just part and part of the parcel. This isn’t just a gym, this is a workout studio that backs on to one of Europe’s most famous nightclubs. We’re talking euphoric playlists, strobe lights, smoke machines and a whole outer body experience that leaves you feeling sky high on endorphins! This is not for the faint hearted, this is trippy AF, just you, the music, the sweat and your out of control heart beat, I was lost for words.

There’s no need to rush off after class either, enjoy an ice cold shower before hitting the bar. That’s right, the old booze vault is still complete with an alcohol license so whether you fancy a protein shake or a shaken not stirred martini, Ministry’s got you covered. We’re talking about #beinggoodtobebad here, so call on the shots before heading across the threshold into the club, where no raver will be any the wiser they just missed the best pre drink party in London!

This is a revolutionary gym concept which fuses high intensity cardio with the workings of a legendary London music venue. Just a stones throw from Elephant and Castle tube station you’d be utterly foolish not to try it.

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