Jusu Brothers – The vegan sushi saga

If something’s good? Then why change it?

I’m pretty old school when it comes to this, so when the kind team at Jusu Brothers recommended I order the vegan sushi on my visit last week, I was apprehensive to say the least.

I should start by saying that sushi is one of my absolute favourite foods. Morsels of fresh raw fish, juicy pink salmon or tuna atop sticky rice, rolls wrapped in salty nori and filled with creamy avocado. I live for the stuff and my appetite for it is pretty insatiable.

So why on earth ruin a good thing?

Jusu Brothers in Notting hill is the amalgamation of two wonderful elements, wellness and pan Asian food. We’re talking yaki soba meets green juice here, and as the globalised millennials that we are, we can’t help but love it.


The space is brightly lit, airy and calm. For any freelancers looking for a good working venue Jusu Brothers is the perfect location, and unlike many other of London’s trendy coffee shop offerings the wifi actually works – is it so much to ask!


Ok where was I, vegan sushi! You see, I don’t ever merely glance at a menu, selecting my prey of choice is a lengthy and calculated process. At Jusu Brothers the options are so varied, all day breakie, dishes with a Japanese flare and just your good ol’ avo toast – it’s not a decision I wanted to get wrong.


Initially I was drawn to the French toast; bread dipped in soya milk, eggs and cinnamon, fried in a comforting mix of coconut oil and coconut sugar and finished with maple syrup, banana, red berry jam, almond & hazelnut butter. I mean seriously – I will be going back for that.


Other mouth watering options included soba noodles in a miso broth and I also spied a roasted vegetable focaccia being delivered to the table next to me that looked so peng I nearly sold on that. I’m sorry to say, vegan sushi just isn’t a very me kind of choice, but if it came mostly highly recommended by the chef – it had to be.


My final order: vegan sushi with homemade kimchi and a bright Brother’s Beet Juice of apple, fennel and beetroot.


The juice was a gorgeous bright pink although a little heavy on the apple and a little less fennel and beetroot-y. Delish, but I was hoping for a more potent kind of vitamin and mineral bursting elixir if I’m being totally honest. Copella does a great apple juice so if I’d wanted that I would have saved my £4.95 and picked up a couple of cartoons of that at my local Tescos. Sorry I’m being bitchy here, but I’ve got to be honest about these things.



On to the vegan sushi; I was already regretting my decision. I knew I didn’t like vegan sushi and the last time I’d made the mistake of ordering it, I’d had bitter regrets. However, when the masterpiece arrived in front of me I couldn’t’ wait to tuck in. Divine looking rolls filled with avocado, sundried tomatoes, aubergine, quinoa and plenty of greens sandwiched into the kind of rolls that maki me happy.


Smothering each one in emerald green wasabi I dunked it joyfully in soy sauce before performing a ceremonious all in one. By this I mean yes, I am that person who shoves hand rolls in their gob in one go whilst everyone else hacks them apart and loses their all too precious sushi rice to the soy sauce where it drowns to it’s miserable death. The flavours were epic and the sushi was held together in a creamy cashew cheese like sauce I rated very highly indeed.


Alongside this was a very generous helping of some of the best gut loving kimchi I’ve yet to sample, spicy and packed with flavour. It was the perfect accompaniment to the sushi and it was so good I asked to take what I couldn’t finish home with me too. Kimich on avocado toast is a beautiful thing just FYI.


I said why ruin a good thing, but actually this vegan sushi was a surprisingly spectacular alternative to the classic and as someone who started a genuine skeptic, I think I’d be more inclined to order it again in the future.


All in all a glowing review for Jusu brothers, I would probably fork out on a pudding rather than a juice next time but feel free to make up your own minds. I couldn’t recommend this place enough and I am looking forward to some revision sessions and study lunches there in the upcoming months.

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