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6 Reasons to Book Your Copenhagen Getaway!

The flights are ridiculously cheap, the place is utterly charming, and the people, they’re unfairly beautiful. It wasn’t instantaneous, but I genuinely fell in love with this city and its abundant offerings in just two days. I couldn’t recommend it enough and here’s just why…


#healthypartygirl summer essentials

It’s time to say aurevoir to London,  muggy weather and heatwaves have all been fun, but now I’m ready to be served my vitamin D dosage on the beach, in my bikini, rosé obviously in hand. (more…)

Edinburgh – What I’ll Miss Most!

It has honestly been the biggest treat to spend four years in the beautiful Scottish capital of Edinburgh. There were times when the wind, rain and snow got me down, and the hail blistered my face. Yet, Edinburgh’s charm and beauty made it hard to hold a grudge. As I am graduating in June, I thought it would only be appropriate to base a blog post on the “Goodnessy” things that I’ll miss most about this city. (more…)

Berlin’s Best Bowls!

Berlin is the techno clubbing capital of Europe, luring visitors from all over the world keen to attempt the famous Berghain.

But these hippie laid back ravers also need to eat, and alongside Berlin’s bars and clubs is a seriously happening healthy food scene. (more…)

My South of France Five Healthy Holiday Favourites

What I love getting up to on my ‘olidays in France. The good, the bad and the healthy! (more…)

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