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Autumnal Pickings – Orange October

Amber leaves, Halloween, and Thanks Giving means orange is undoubtedly the colour of Autumn. Conveniently, also my favourite colour, I’ve put together a few of my top pickings.


Lalani & Co Matcha

When you love Matcha as matcha’s me, being invited to a matcha masterclass and three course, you guessed it, matcha themed breakfast at Tanya’s Chelsea is just all too good to be true.


Pure Tisanes Tea – Totally Terrific!

One of the best bits about being a blogger is some of the amazing foods, drinks and even things I get sent to try out. Usually, these are delivered by the postman, but this week I received the most beautifully packaged teas in person. (more…)

My Healthy Chocolate Picks


I’m a girl – it’s only natural to crave it 24/7 right?! Before I could walk, I managed to crawl my way into the cupboard where my parents had hidden my giant Easter egg and devour the whole thing. Needless to say they found me there covered head to toe in chocolate – it’s been a love affair ever since. (more…)

Rude Health Porridge Championships 2014

My list of life time achievements rocketed last week by my invitation to compete in the 2014 London porridge championships i.e. The Porridge factor hosted by Rude Health.


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