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Tabun Kitchen Review

On the 20th December, what I can assure you feels like a lifetime ago as I sit here and write, I had the pleasure of visiting Tabun Kitchen in Soho for a Palestinian banquet.

The restaurant is modern and was surprisingly packed for Tuesday lunchtime. As I walk in the door my mouth waters at the sight of crispy baklava sitting behind the counter, the edges bright green with crushed pistachios, the Middle Eastern sweet instantly reminding me of holidays to Turkey as a child.


SHOT – restaurant review

I don’t know how I’ve missed Shot since it’s opening almost 8 months ago, but I have concluded it’s the city workers’ of London’s best kept secret. Nestled off Bride Lane, just a stones throw from Blackfriars you won’t miss this little gem if you’re on the look out. (more…)

September Sunshine – Health hangouts in London

Autumn is looming, but before the leaves turn amber and fall, there’s time to get in gear. What happened last summer, likely too much rosé, is now irrelevant, so don’t beat yourself up. September offers a fresh slate, a chance to make better choices for both your health and happiness alike.


LIMA Floral

After graduating uni at the end of June, my rather poorly planned plan was to pack my backpack, purchase some hiking boots and head off to Perahhh. The Gap Yahhhh Machu Picchu insta pic had been a long time coming, not to mention getting to experience those ‘ethereal hazes’ and what not. But, alas, it was not to be this time. (more…)

Pret’s Veggie pop up – what should it do next?

I’m sure you’re all aware that on June 1st, Pret transformed its baby Broadwick street shop into a veggie pop up, for what they stated would last for one month, and one month only.

According to Pret’s elite, the company expected to make a loss on this project, which was an experiment to test out new veggie / vegan options and generate some veggie PR.

Avocados anyone……?

But, and in my opinion hardly surprisingly, Pret’s veggie pop up has been such an epic success it might just be here to stick around a little longer. (more…)

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