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Building a better relationship with yourself

Last week I told you that you could achieve your dream body by simply shifting your mindset. I keep writing simply in these drafts and then crossing it out because in truth, there’s nothing simple about it! It’s a long and at times testing journey, but stick at it and you can work miracles – you can feel incredible. I’d love to say I’m a pro, but again, truthfully I’m still learning. Modern society doesn’t exactly help, and these days I can’t even scroll through my facebook home page without seeing mention of weight loss. SNOREEEE!



How to get the dream body – Choose a mindset, ditch the diet!

Body dissatisfaction isn’t a joke! I remember the first time I worried about the prospect of being fat as young child. It was on holiday in France where indulging in ice cream was one of my happiest past times. One evening after I joyfully exclaimed it had been my 3rd scoop of the day my nanny warned that I should be careful or I would get fat. (more…)

Coping with Exam Stress

Those of you who follow me closely on instagram will know that I work part time as a tutor. In truth, I couldn’t wait to throw in the colouring pencils when I graduated from uni last summer, but it seems Geography is my calling after all and having spent the majority of my childhood teaching unresponsive teddy bears, it’s great to have real life pupils. Mentoring is also a huge part of the job. Of course I need to prepare my students primarily for their public exams, but their overall wellbeing is central to this approach.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

This week, I decided that for my editorial post I would opt for something a little more lighthearted. Perhaps not quite as meaningful, but something that in all honestly required a little less deep thought over the Easter break. It’s no secret that since roughly February, my articles have become a little more serious and emotive as I’ve reflected on my own personal experiences, and themes that have installed in me a whole range of emotions from anger to outright sadness when it comes to the wellness industry. I have absolutely zero regrets in doing this, and it has been amazing to see my readership slowly but surely increase. This week however, I wanted to go for something a little more uplifting and take the chance to introduce myself a little better. So incase you’re interested, here’s 10 things about me that you might not know.


How I used Clean Eating to Kick my Eating Disorder. Part 2.

Welcome back to part two of ‘How I used clean eating to kick my eating disorder’. I had to pinch myself with how many of you read this blog post, so I hope I can do the end of the story justice! Here goes…

I started Goodness Guru in the summer after fresher’s. During this time, except for my close friends and family, I kept it very underwraps. I didn’t want anyone knowing about my newfound love of avocado brownies because in all honestly I felt embarrassed. An instagram based on healthy food seemed all a little cliché for someone who’d suffered from an eating disorder, and I certainly didn’t want my new fun uni friends thinking I was a kale obsessed weirdo, which by the way I was and still am.


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