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A 5 minute juice with Flo, Plant lovin’Flo

I am so happy to be back with my 5 minute juice series. My aim is to share an inspiring individual and hopefully some pretty good chat with you all weekly, however, with the madness of life it’s not always possible so apologies for the somewhat unplanned vacay from this section of the blog.

Anyways, we’re back and this week I’m juicing with 18 year old Flo from the instagram and youtube channel Plant Lovin’ Flo.I met Flo a while back at an event in London and have been inspired with her positive, sensible and down to earth approaches to food and lifestyle. Her main aim is to spread a message of self-love and confidence, especially to young women, very similar to my own. At 18 however, I can’t say my outlook on life was quite as mature so I wanted to get in touch with Flo to find out a little bit more about what she’s up to, her reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle and of course, her own views on clean eating and the dangers of social media.


A 5 minute Juice with Ban Hass

I am very excited about this weeks 5 minute juice as I caught up with PT and fitness blogger Ban Hass. You might remember the #UKFitfam totally loosing their s**t a couple of weeks ago over Ban’s controversial blog post ‘FITSPO: THE RISE OF THE FITNESS PORN STAR’.

Considered by some as a personal attack, Ban makes a very valid point and I wanted to speak to her directly on the topic!

For those of you who don’t know,  Ban is a…(inhale) female, London based, health & fitness professional, personal trainer, blogger, cycle instructor, clown, positive cynic, peanut butter addict (exhale)..and she likes to make people feel good about themselves! 

We juiced…


A 5 minute juice with Kelsey Miller – The Anti Diet Project!

I really had to pinch myself when Kelsey Miller replied to my insta message agreeing to be part of my ‘A 5 minute juice with…’ series! At the beginning of March I read her book  ‘Big Girl: How I gave up dieting and got a life’. Undoubtedly one of the most moving reads for me in a long time, the words elucidated a whole range of emotions from laughter to shedding a tear or two. I both learnt from, and could relate to Kelsey’s story and felt touched by her honest accounts of body dissatisfaction, yoyo dieting and letting food take over her life!

Having been named a Body Image Hero by The Huffington Post I was desperate to speak to Kelsey about her journey, what she’s learnt from ditching diets, how she practices intuitive eating and her views on the pressures of social media. We juiced…..


A 5 minute juice with Olivia Brafman, General Manager of Ministry Does Fitness

For this week’s 5 minute juice, I caught up with Olivia Brafman, General Manger of Ministry of Sound’s new boutique fitness concept Ministry Does Fitness. Not just any fitness concept, Ministry does fitness harnesses 25 years of nightclub culture and puts it in a functional training studio that runs classes throughout the week. Coming from a luxury lifestyle business and philanthropy background, Olivia has spent the last year and a half developing the concept with the global music brand and with fitness expert Harry Jameson, launching it just 8 weeks ago. Olivia’s aim is to spearhead the trend of social fitness and blend the worlds of Health and Hedonism. ‘Fitness should be a fun sustainable lifestyle choice, I’m tired of society telling us what to wear, look like, eat – without all the pretentious rubbish, this is the gym built for REAL people!

I love it already, lets get juice…..


A 5 Minute Juice with Laura and Eve, Co editors of Not Plant Based

I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but this is undoubtedly my most favourite 5 minute juice to feature yet. In fact, perhaps we should call it a 5 minute milkshake because this week I caught up with Laura Dennison and Eve Simmons, co editors of Not Plant Based, a website for the troubled eaters. Both Laura and Eve are writers and journalists by trade, and having suffered from eating disorders, they’re telling their stories to dispel dietary myths and help others reignite their passion for the grub they love with the help of professional dietitians and medical experts. As these topics are extremely in tie with my own personal experiences and views on “healthy eating”, I was desperate to catch up with these two Ladies and things got juicy!


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