Jusu Brothers – The vegan sushi saga

If something’s good? Then why change it?

I’m pretty old school when it comes to this, so when the kind team at Jusu Brothers recommended I order the vegan sushi on my visit last week, I was apprehensive to say the least.

I should start by saying that sushi is one of my absolute favourite foods. Morsels of fresh raw fish, juicy pink salmon or tuna atop sticky rice, rolls wrapped in salty nori and filled with creamy avocado. I live for the stuff and my appetite for it is pretty insatiable.

So why on earth ruin a good thing?


A 5 minute juice with Flo, Plant lovin’Flo

I am so happy to be back with my 5 minute juice series. My aim is to share an inspiring individual and hopefully some pretty good chat with you all weekly, however, with the madness of life it’s not always possible so apologies for the somewhat unplanned vacay from this section of the blog.

Anyways, we’re back and this week I’m juicing with 18 year old Flo from the instagram and youtube channel Plant Lovin’ Flo.I met Flo a while back at an event in London and have been inspired with her positive, sensible and down to earth approaches to food and lifestyle. Her main aim is to spread a message of self-love and confidence, especially to young women, very similar to my own. At 18 however, I can’t say my outlook on life was quite as mature so I wanted to get in touch with Flo to find out a little bit more about what she’s up to, her reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle and of course, her own views on clean eating and the dangers of social media.


Building a better relationship with yourself

Last week I told you that you could achieve your dream body by simply shifting your mindset. I keep writing simply in these drafts and then crossing it out because in truth, there’s nothing simple about it! It’s a long and at times testing journey, but stick at it and you can work miracles – you can feel incredible. I’d love to say I’m a pro, but again, truthfully I’m still learning. Modern society doesn’t exactly help, and these days I can’t even scroll through my facebook home page without seeing mention of weight loss. SNOREEEE!



How to get the dream body – Choose a mindset, ditch the diet!

Body dissatisfaction isn’t a joke! I remember the first time I worried about the prospect of being fat as young child. It was on holiday in France where indulging in ice cream was one of my happiest past times. One evening after I joyfully exclaimed it had been my 3rd scoop of the day my nanny warned that I should be careful or I would get fat. (more…)

Three of my Healthy Favourites from the Cotswolds!

My parents bought a little cottage in the Cotswolds when my little brother and I were four and two respectively. Living in London didn’t come with the freedom of making mud cakes and riding bikes, and the our tiny county home provided us with hours and hours of outdoor entertainment. As your classic teenager, the country became “boring” and I increasingly wanted to be in London for the likes of Capital VIP, Abercrombie and starbucks for my favourite coffee light frappacino. Oh how times have changed…!


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