Hiya, I’m Isa, a 22 year old foodie, health and lifestyle blogger from London.

I started my blog after my first year at Edinburgh. I wasn’t so into the dominos and cheesy chips at uni, but I did live in catered halls where the food was gross, and my poor diet, coupled with my love of late nights and tequila shots soon had repercussions. By the summer, my clear skin had erupted in acne and I was stuck by a bout of frustration and low self esteem.

But a bit of acne and fresher’s flu weren’t my only motivations for commencing Goodness Guru. Cooking and eating as a family have always been central to my life, stemming from a young age where I would watch and help my mother lovingly prepare meals for our family and friends. I have early memories of playing with a much adored Easy Peasy Children’s cooking book, where party food and baking cupcakes became a happy pastime of mine.

As with many young girls, the pressures of growing up contributed (sadly in hindsight ) to creating a very image conscious teenager. As a result I thought low calorie and low fat foods were the best way forward, resulting in a controlling and destructive eating disorder. This was detrimental to my health, happiness and wellbeing. Luckily, thanks to patient and supportive friends and family I will forever be grateful for, by the time I finished school, I had come out the other side.

Goodness Guru is end result of my childhood love of baking, my fondness for enjoying food together and my interests in simply feeling good – overcoming the low energy and clearing up the acne, which thankfully hasn’t come back.

Since starting my blog back in 2013, my food philosophy has changed countless times. I’ve been on the superfoodie bandwagon, played with the plant based and paleo trends and dibble dabbled with juicing. You name it, I’ve tried it.

My diet is now mostly made up of fun and tasty home cooked meals, prepared with fresh ingredients that I personally enjoy. This ranges from huge bowls of juicy raw kale salads to dishes containing good quality dairy, meat, fish and eggs. I try to eat mindfully and sustainably, but I don’t label myself, happy to experiment with different and exotic ingredients.

While I love being healthy, learning to pursue balance has been the most important lesson of all. I love a glass of wine and chocolate fondant as much as the next, and can appreciate when my body wants a sofa day instead of spinning.

This blog is my creative outlet and means through which I hope to share with you my passions for cooking, feeling good and learning to let go and live a little.

Remember, that true health is a journey of finding out what works for you. Be true to yourself, and appreciate the sometimes differing needs of your body, mind and soul.


Isa xx

The Goodness guru

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