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So this week’s 5 minute juice with is taking a fitnessy turn. In December I met Lucy, and I loved chatting to her our similar approaches to balance and lifestyle. Lucy was born in Spain and grew up in a combination of Spain, Bali and Australia.  She’s a qualified PT, and loves inspiring others to become a stronger and better version of themselves both physically and mentally.  For the past four years she has been residing in London with her fiancé and she now offers private or group personal training sessions, nutrition consultancy and a range of fitness classes.  Always conducted with humour and patience, Lucy gets great pleasure seeing her clients tackle their fears and exceed their expectations – all whilst leading a balanced life! We caught up on her fitness philosophy’s and enjoyed a great little workout together.

Have you always been into fitness and nutrition?

No not always, I ate a lot of junk/fast food in my teen years and constantly overindulged!! I have however always loved cooking which I think helped me gradually learn a lot about food and nutrition

Do you think growing up in Bali inspired your healthy lifestyle?

To be honest, I can’t say it did! Bali has changed a lot over the last 15 years. The café ‘health’ food scene has seriously boomed, it has become such a big part of life over there which I love however it wasn’t always there whilst I was growing up!

When did you decide you wanted to become a PT?

Early 2016, I have always loved exercising! I decided to become a PT after completing various nutrition courses at Leiths School of Food and Wine and at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I thought it would be a great idea to combine both my passions for health and fitness, food and nutrition!

What training did you do and what did you like / not like about it?

I love spinning, weight training and yoga! I love reformer Pilates however I go through stages as it can be quite expensive in London. I have also been running a lot lately as I am competing in the Richmond Half Marathon in March. I wouldn’t say I love running, it is more of a mental challenge and that’s why I signed myself up! I think it is extremely important to have goals and to challenge yourself!

What’s your fitness philosophy?

Fitness is a huge part of life (my life anyway) but it shouldn’t be life!

People and young girls especially feel so much pressure (from social media, magazines etc) to train every single day to look a certain way and to be like someone else. It can be taken way too seriously and in turn become un-healthy. Life is far too short to not enjoy it. Sacrifice going to the gym to enjoy social occasions with friends, go out, have a laugh because being happy and spending time with family and friends is far more important than the number on those scales! You don’t create fun memories in the gym!

Favourite workout class in London?

Ride Republic – Spinning – It is like no other spinning in London. It’s a proper workout, an intense 45 minute ride! The instructors, staff and regular clients make it so much easier to get up in the morning. I love it!

What is the one bit of fitness advice you would give to anyone?

Find something that you love – I think if you’re new to the fitness scene it is so important to find something that you love, something that you are willing to get up out of bed for when its cold and dark outside! There are so many new studios opening up around London with all these new and ‘cool’ fitness trends but if you don’t like the class then why are you even there? So, start off with something you like and then start challenging yourself once you’re in a healthy routine. It can be anything – roller blading, yoga, boxing, spinning, walking, skipping, you name it!

What has ben the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

Finding that work life balance, I am very determined which is a great thing however I threw all my eggs into one basket. I didn’t have that balance I needed to stay sane! I became stressed and overwhelmed which took its toll on my health, it’s important to have that support from family and friends however if you’re not there for them how can you expect it in return.. Starting your own business isn’t easy and there will be plenty of mistakes made along the way, you just have to make sure you learn from them.

How do you maintain a healthy work life balance?

I think it is so easy in today’s society to loose that balance, running your own business and social media has its pros and cons however it is so important to switch off. If you are starting your own business, be strict with yourself. Don’t work from your living room, create an at home office or go sit in a café. Be disciplined and work from 9-5, that way when you get home you are able to relax and spend time with your boyfriend or family. Learn to priorities your time, write lists and realize what is important. I really struggled with this for a long time and still do at times, but its important to know you wont always be able to do everything, and that is ok!

Last meal on earth?

My mums rhubarb, apple and berry crumble with vanilla bean ice-cream! A childhood favourite!

Be sure to check out Lucy’s blog lifestylelucy.net

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