10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

This week, I decided that for my editorial post I would opt for something a little more lighthearted. Perhaps not quite as meaningful, but something that in all honestly required a little less deep thought over the Easter break. It’s no secret that since roughly February, my articles have become a little more serious and emotive as I’ve reflected on my own personal experiences, and themes that have installed in me a whole range of emotions from anger to outright sadness when it comes to the wellness industry. I have absolutely zero regrets in doing this, and it has been amazing to see my readership slowly but surely increase. This week however, I wanted to go for something a little more uplifting and take the chance to introduce myself a little better. So incase you’re interested, here’s 10 things about me that you might not know.

1) My favourite childhood film was Matilda 

In fact favourite might be an understatement. As a child I could recite the entire film and once on a skiing holiday I recruited every child in the hotel to be a part of my very own play, casting myself of course as the lead. I think we even charged a guest 5 euros each to watch the finished product!


2) Growing up I ate McDonald’s very regularly

I’m still slightly outraged my parents did this to me, but as far as I’m aware it’s done no long term damage. In truth, Friday lunch times were spent in the car on the way to my Grandparents house in Essex. There was a Macdonald’s drive through on the way out of London and I think my mum knew it might shut my brother and I up for a little while. My order was always chicken nuggets and chips and I loved every bite, although I have now said goodbye to the stuff for good.


3) Since finishing university I’ve moved back in with my parents

Not the mature 23 year old I once thought I might be, moving back home with my parents after 12 years away at school or university has been a little strange to say the least. My parents have been very supportive of my ambitions and as I’ve decided to train as a naturopathic nutritionist it makes no sense to be anywhere else. I also seriously appreciate a full fridge of food and weekly walks round the park with my mum. Alongside my studies, I work part time as a tutor teaching Geography and an eating disorders mentor. Both roles I adore and find incredibly fulfilling.


4) I was a total goodie two shoes at school

Yup, I was that girl, the “teachers pet”. Have to look back on it now and laugh, but the truth is I enjoyed working hard and being on top of everything, which teachers naturally warmed to. In my Geography lessons during sixth form, if the teacher was off for some reason, I was left in charge of the class! My friends still tease me for it.


5) My favourite place in the world is the South of France

My Grandparents have a pink flat in a tiny fishing village called Beaulieu sur mer. There’s not much going on, but the pebble beaches are beautiful and coupled with a good book I never want to leave. My aunt was married there and since being a little girl, I’ve been dreaming of following suit (however far off it may be!)


6) My brother is an aspiring fashion designer

My little brother Max is two years younger than me, but ever since he grew taller at about 14, he’s taken on the role of big brother when it comes to most things! He didn’t go to university and for the last few years has been working on his own luxury fashion brand! I can’t say more for now, but he continues to inspire me. Watch this space!


7) My teeth continuously give me trouble…

Perhaps it was the McDonalds, but since the age of seven I’ve been having regular fillings, for most of which I have to be sedated as I get myself into such a panic. I had a root canal at ten, and then three wisdom teeth removed in the last year. It’s an ongoing battle although my dentist and I have become good friends over the years. Silver linings…


8) I can’t handle my drink

Zero tolerance for alcohol here. It’s like I never progressed past age 14 and it’s starting to get a little embarrassing. At my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I had complete memory loss for 95% of the evening, although my friends assured me I was having a great time on the dance floor of Bunga Bunga before I was escorted out. Something I’m definitely working on…


9) My favourite saying is ‘Everything happens for a reason’.

I am such a believer in this! My mum has been saying it since I was a very little girl and I truly believe the stars are aligned so that everything works out right in the end.


10) At Christmas I nearly deleted my instagram but I’m so glad I didn’t

A bit of a crazy one, but truth be told, instagram was getting me down a few months ago and posting was becoming tedious. I wasn’t entirely sure of  my direction and I was putting pressure on myself to get a certain amount of likes etc. Since this reflection, I’ve really honed in on what it is I want to share through Goodness Guru. I believe there is some value in sharing my own experiences and speaking up against things so they can be considered from a variety of different perspectives. Mostly, I want to inspire women and young girls to feel happy in their own bodies, regardless of how they compare to the ideal. I also promote a balanced relationship with food and health that doesn’t encourage any one way type of living, but an appreciation for all the best things in life. Since doing so, I’ve stopped worrying about followers and begun to appreciate the platforms I do have for sharing these ideas, and if they only resonate with just a few people, that’s good enough for me.



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